Donate to Holy Wisdom

Donating by Check or Online Bill Pay – no transaction fees!

Checks can be made out to Holy Wisdom ICC and sent to Holy Wisdom ICC PO Box 14273 Tumwater, WA 98511All donations are tax-deductible. You can also use your bank account’s Online Bill Pay feature to send donations (one-time or recurring) to Holy Wisdom. With either of these methods there are no transaction fees – 100% of your donation goes to Holy Wisdom.  If you would like more information or have questions, you can reach our accountant Elayne Crow through our contact form.

Donating Online

You’ve asked us to make donation simpler and more convenient, and the donation feature below is part our effort to do that!  Recurring monthly donations are an especially big help with future planning.

You can now donate online with PayPal!  You can choose to make a one-time, monthly or annual donation.  You can choose to have your donations go to our general programs or to cover a specific expense.  You can use a debit or credit card for one-time donations, or use your PayPal account with any of its associated payment methods to make a recurring donation.  Just click the button below!


A note on transaction fees

Donorbox recently increased its fees, and we found that PayPal was less expensive in most cases.  With Donorbox, we pay a 1.75% transaction fee for Donorbox as well as a payment processing fee for Stripe (.8% to 2.9%+ .30). PayPal has just one fee (1.99% + .49).  On a $100 credit card donation, the transaction fee from Donorbox is almost twice as much as PayPal ($4.95 vs $2.49).  On a $100 donation through a bank account, PayPal is still cheaper ($2.85 for Donorbox vs $2.49 for PayPal).

Managing your recurring donations

If you would like to help us reduce transaction fees and switch from Donorbox to PayPal, or want to manage your recurring payments in Donorbox or PayPal, visit our Recurring Donations page.  Thanks so much!

Donating from outside of the US

If you are outside of the US and the PayPal button is not accepting your transaction, here’s another option.