Donate to Holy Wisdom

You’ve asked us to make donation simpler and more convenient, and the donation feature below is part our effort to do that! We’ve recently gone from twice-monthly to weekly masses, which means more building rental fees and other expenses, many of which have gone up anyway. That means we depend on you, our members and friends, more than ever. Please consider donating whatever you can. Recurring monthly donations, a feature of this new system, are an especially big help with future planning.

A quick note about credit cards versus bank transfers: As you navigate this online donation form, you will be presented with the option to use a credit card (in which the money flows through Visa, MasterCard, etc. and you pay them back later) or a bank transfer (in which the money is transferred from your checking account, like an electronic version of a check). We encourage you to use whichever method makes you most comfortable, but all things being equal, we prefer bank transfer. The fees we absorb for a $100 credit/debit card donation add up to about $3.20, but for electronic checks, it’s a much more reasonable 80 cents or so (again, you don’t see those fees, but they are deducted from your donation before we get it).

For more information, check out our Donation Tutorial page. Thanks so much!