Holy Wisdom - Inclusive Catholic Community, Olympia, Washington
Social Justice
Are you interested in joining the Social Justice committee?  If so, please use the Contact page to request information.  Holy Wisdom Community members are committed to serving their brothers and sisters around the world:
Holy Wisdom Supports SideWalk
Sidewalk is a project of Interfaith Works. It is a volunteer operated program, whose mission is to end homelessness through community engagement and coordination of services. Sidewalk volunteer advocates offer assessments, referrals, and personalized support to help homeless adults build incomes, access services, and find homes. The Advocate training is a 50 hour intensive course of six weeks. Greeters distribute information on services and offer shelter screening and placement. Clients are welcomed with the offer of a cup of coffee and of initial assistance and information on services. Want to volunteer? Contact Emma Margraf, Community Outreach Coordinator emma@interfaith-works.org or sign up online at http://walkthurston.org. Or drop in at 1135 5th Ave SE Olympia, WA 98501 Monday thru Thursday 10am - 2 pm. Phone: 360 515-5587
Thurston County Food Bank
Donations to the food bank are accepted at every mass.  
Socks for Drexel House
Donations of men's socks--white, large and extra-large--are accepted at every mass. 
Holy Wisdom Foot Care Ministers in Los Angeles
Members of the Holy Wisdom Community join with other volunteers trained to offer foot care to those in need in Olympia and beyond.  A team will again travel to L.A. to operate a foot care ministry to the homeless, as well as train the Catholic Workers there to do foot care.

From one foot care minister: "It is here that I understand and learn about the true path of service.  This is not for those seeking an experience in feeling like they did some 'benefit to others,' although it may be part of the experience.  I have found myself relieved to be at the end of a busy day of crouching over an endless stream of calloused feet, thick with fungal nails experiencing gratitude for this experience and weary from the helplessness that can arise.  And then I see a worker who has been with the community for 20+ years tenderly talking to a man who has a dirty bandage hanging off his foot, beckoning me to come and help.  True service means showing up to care for others whenever we are called to do so."

For photos and more information about footcare volunteers at work in Los Angeles, click here.
Capital City Pride Parade - June    
For the fifth year, members of Holy Wisdom wore red and marched in the Olympia Pride Parade held in June.  This year members volunteered on Saturday and Sunday at an information table set up at Sylvester Park to show our support for our LGBT brothers and sisters and to spread the word about Holy Wisdom.  We received a warm reception from those who stopped by.