Holy Wisdom Inclusive Catholic Community is a worshipping community grounded in Roman Catholic tradition and liturgy. Inspired by Vatican II, which described the Church as the “People of God,” we desire to bring this vision to the 21st Century and live it. 

We are a Catholic community, but are not connected with the parish structure of the Roman Catholic Church. In Holy Wisdom we believe that our world demands we offer full participation to all who are gifted and prepared to serve in ministry--regardless of gender, sexual orientation or marital status. We also invite all to receive communion at the table of Christ.

Our community celebrates Catholic Mass twice a month. Diane Smith Whalen and Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice, ordained Roman Catholic Woman Priests, preside at masses, at which gluten-free communion bread, wine, and grape juice are offered.

Come see us. You are welcome to our community.

Pope Francis Appoints Committee to
Study Possibility of Female Deacons

In another heartening move from Pope Francis, he has appointed a committee to study the possibility of women serving as deacons in the church.

The pontiff has appointed an equal number of male and female experts as members of the commission, which will be led by Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria, a Jesuit who serves as the second-in-command of the Vatican's doctrinal congregation.

The Vatican said in a release announcing the commission Tuesday that the pope had decided to create the group “after intense prayer and mature reflection” and wanted it particularly to study the history of the female diaconate “in the earliest times of the church.”

Bridget Mary, Roman Catholic Womanpriest and prolific writer and commenter about such issues, responds:

The gender balance and makeup of this Commission is a positive first step in the study of female deacons in the Roman Catholic Church. It is my hope that this study could lead to a deeper appreciation of our earlier tradition of women deacons, priests and bishops in leadership roles in the church, and to the full equality of women as priests, bishops, and decision makers in a more inclusive, egalitarian church . The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is working to transform the clerical, dominator approach of the institutional church to a community of equals model where all are welcome to celebrate sacraments at the Banquet of God's infinite love.

To read her complete statement, click here.

"It could be a world-changing decision"

The Washington Post has an article on the Commission for the Study of the Diaconate of Women emphasizing how much disagreement remains in the Church about this and similar issues involving the status of women. “I can’t underscore enough how groundbreaking this is for the Church,” Boston College theologian James Bretzke said in May. However, Rev. Karl-Heinz Menke, another member of the commission, has argued that if women cannot be priests, then they cannot be deacons either.
To read the Post article, click here.

For another article about the issue, this one from the National Catholic Reporter, click here.

Holy Wisdom Volunteers Serve at the Community Kitchen

Holy Wisdom cooks and serves dinner on the first Monday of every month at The Community Kitchen in Olympia. Volunteers prepare a home-cooked meal from scratch, serving meatloaf from locally raised beef and organic vegetables from local organic farms and HW Community Members' home gardens. They also decorate the tables with fresh cut flowers. 

If you would like to help in these efforts, contact Kathleen.

Click here to see a gallery of Holy Wisdom volunteers making and serving dinner at the Community Kitchen.

For more information on the the Community Kitchen, see their website here.